Remote Infrastructure Management Services,
To have an effective infrastructure team may divert you in attaining your business goal—Our Remote Infrastructure Management Service is the Solution for this to all business houses.


We work 24X7X365 days to maintain your IT infrastructure. Our Core Team proactively monitors and maintains your systems and server health and application hosted on it, ensuring high service uptime. Our solutions based are based on your challenging needs and meets up your business goals.

IT Infrastructure Services

Our Remote Infrastructure Management Team consist an experts technicians who work at strategically located data centers across the globe. Our remotely operational individual or team of specialized technicians are quickly responded to your problems and also keep your operational cost lower.By using our services you are not only free from retaining personals but also free from your daily infrastructure challenges which helps you more in focus to achieve your business goal.

Server Administration

Our certified experts will dynamically work towards the server administration (Windows, Linux / UNIX, Virtualization and more). We take care of scheduled maintenance, OS Patching (Irrespective of OS), Anti-virus updates, and lot more will help your in ease out to run your production smoothly.  Backup management  Improved Operational Performance  Troubleshooting and Root cause analysis  Server Monitoring & Performance Management  Data Migration from Dedicated-Cloud and Cloud-Cloud Servers

Why Us?

Cloud Services – AWS & Microsoft Azure
Irrespective of your cloud provider. We work along with all cloud service providers used for hosting your web applications, migrating your existing applications, or even for a testing environment over the cloud.
Features of AWS Cloud Server Administration

  • Support for large organization
  • Database and File Migration
  • Enable Auto Scaling, High availability
  • Implementing PaaS and SaaS Service
  • Implementing Server less Infra to achieve high Performance
  • Integrating Email Service
  • Integrating Open Source tools
  • Enable Source Repositories
  • Effective Storage optimization
  • Effective service usage to minimize the workloads
  • Scalable Media transcoding
  • Improving the delivery and Security of a Static Website
  • Enable DDOS Protection
  • Implementing firewall to block SQL injection
  • Application Performance Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting the Problems and providing solutions

  • Expert Research

    We aim to empower individuals and organizations through technology by illuminating their true potential. Our mission is to provide our clients with digital products that are attractive, accessible, functional, and adaptive.

    Hi-Tech Engineering
    Your organization is unique, and you shouldn’t have to compromise with out-of-box software that doesn’t meet all of your needs. Our team develops custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries. Through informed research and thorough user testing, our software solutions are built with your people and processes in mind

    Outstanding Result
    Our open source application integration and quality assurance tool that works for the whole team are based on the core idea that a team should deploy features quickly with no negative impact on an already functioning system. Help your cross functional teams collaborate and dramatically reduce time and cost.


    Look at some of our projects and see what we can achieve.


    Web Conference

    Our chosen open source web conference application backed by a world-wide community of developers (and commercial companies) that care about making the best web conferencing system for online learning



    Powerful. Secure. Open source.The world's free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment.


    Secure Data Center

    Partnered with Tier 3 Data Centers to provide agile and robust infrastructure to our customers throughout the globe. Easily deploy cloud servers, bare metal, and storage worldwide!.an open source solution for archiving or preserving digital scholarly data or resources in a persistent, secure, replicable cloud storage facility.


    Assesment Tools

    A tailored tool with customisable features that allow you to enquire on the progress of your staff, student or trainees. This tool allows your organisation to keep upto date record and compare them with previous results to better enhance the candidates performance.



    We offer the best services at reasonable rate.

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